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Not another planning tool.
The industry's first assessment tool.

The Readiness Test™ is the only tool on the market to empower, equip, and engage preparedness professionals and executives with quantitative data. (Also known as the cold hard facts.)

Whether you want the simplicity of a spreadsheet, the convenience of an online solution, or the power of an enterprise application, the Readiness Test™ can meet you wherever you are in your preparedness journey.

Real Preparedness Requires Real Data

Where do we stand?  Where to start?  What to improve?  Where's the next ROI?

Equip yourself for a mature program.

At Readiness Analytics, we’ve created the only tool on the market to help organizations understand how well they’re prepared to recover from a disaster.

Our mission is to make it easier for preparedness professionals to demonstrate the value of their work and measure the effectiveness of their continuity planning initiatives by equipping them with intuitive tools and meaningful metrics.

Whether you’re creating your first disaster preparedness plan, want to analyze the gaps, risks and vulnerabilities of your organization, or need quantitative value to demonstrate your team’s value, we can help.

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We like to think we’re a helpful bunch, but we can be especially useful to you and your organization when you are:

  • Launching or evolving your disaster preparedness program and want a quantitative baseline to work from. Knowing how prepared your organization is across the board is the best first step to creating or evolving a business continuity or disaster recovery program.
  • Searching for a way to quantify and demonstrate your (or your team’s) value. Our clear, big picture data can help persuade executives to allocate important resources and show the value and progress of your work.
  • Recovering from a recent disaster. We’ll help you identify the risks and gaps in your organization to make sure you’re better prepared next time around.

Want Us to Implement this for You?

You can do it yourself, but we’re happy to do it for you. Shoot us an email, and we can talk you through how we can get you and the team up and running in just two days.