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Adaptive Business Continuity

An adaptive approach for an agile age.

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New tools, new techniques

Traditional business continuity worked well enough in its time.

But in a world of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Global Business, an alternate approach is now needed.

Adaptive Business Continuity introduces a much needed alternative to traditional continuity planning, a new approach the focuses on the rapid delivery of value to improve recovery capabilities.

A new breed
of BC Professional

Evolve and Emerge

BCP is evolving.

The days of dusty binders are over.

Is your program already outdated?

Rapid returns or lengthy lessons?

Dashboards or documents?

Executive Support?

Flexible or fragile?

Measuring or counting?

Active Engagement?

The most successful BC professionals will:

  • Attune to the culture and needs of stakeholders
  • Deliver value in rapid iterations
  • Measure and provide data analytics
  • Obtain and incorporate regular feedback
  • Provide dashboards (not documents)

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