The Readiness Test™

Predictive analytics and actionable data at your fingertips.

Gap and Risk Analysis

Summary Preparedness

Organizational Readiness

Improvement over Time

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Predictive analytics

Assessment Sliders

Intuitive interface, powerful results

Scaled to fit organizations both large and small, The Readiness Test™ is a series of simple interview questions that can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

Get the information you need from those who know it best. Participants can engage directly with you or from the convenience of their own desk.

Seamless add-on

Cogs and Gears

The Readiness Test™ fully complements current products and existing markets:

  • If you're trying to meet ISO 22301 compliance, The Readiness Test™ can serve as a “plug-in” to Section 9.1.2 to solve the compliance need for the “Evaluation of business continuity procedures”.
  • If you're a preparedness consultant, The Readiness Test™ helps your clients understand the need for your preparedness services.
  • If you already have a planning tool, The Readiness Test™ helps identify the gaps that need to be filled with that planning tool -- an analysis that many planning tools do not offer as part of their services.

Metrics, Measures, and KPIs

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